Leipzig 1/27/2014

Since it’s not always proper to take pictures of your food during a business dinner, I wasn’t able to fully capture a reception at Fasskeller im Auerbachskeller, which claims to be the most famous and 2nd oldest restaurant in Leipzig and is supposedly where Goethe frequented in his time there. The food was a buffet spread of various pickled things and cured meats sometimes lathered in mayo. Not my favorite, but I was told it was very traditional for the area. I did get a quick shot of the dessert tray that was brought out when we joined a separate group at Grotta Palazzese. A couple of my coworkers and I were able to make it out for a tapas dinner, which I’ve also captured below.

Leipzig, Monday 1/27/14, Dinner at Café Madrid

Café Madrid was the first time I was introduced to Aperol Spritz, and I definitely fell in love. Also, the tapas weren’t bad either…

  • Oliven grün und Schwarz; Aceitunas verdes y negras; Olives green and black
  • Serrano Schinken; Jamón Serrano; Serrano ham
  • Kartoffeln mit Alioli; Patatas con alioli; Potatoes with garlic mayonnaise
  • Muscheln gegrillt; Mejillones a la Plancha; Grilled mussels
  • Frittierte Calamarisringe mit Alioli; Calamaris a la Romana; Calamari romana with garlic mayonnaise
  • Gebackener Käse; Queso frito; Fried cheese
  • Datteln im Speckmantel; Dátiles con beicon; Dates in bacon
  • Mediterranes Grillgemüse; Pisto Andaluz; Mediterranean grilled vegetables
  • Spanische Paprikewurst in Rotweinsauce; Chorizo con salsa de vino tinto; Spanish chorizo in red wine sauce
  • Fleischbällchen in pikanter Sauce; Albondigas en salsa picante; Meatballs in spicy sauce

Can’t go wrong with olives and Serrano. The fried cheese came highly recommended but was a bit too heavy for us. The dates in bacon were delightful though, and the sauce with the chorizo was very nice. I think the Spanish don’t do meatballs well, since there have been multiple occasions where I’ve ordered them at tapas (since I love meatballs) and have been disappointed.


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