Eat Street Social 7/19/2014

The much anticipated Eat Street Social, the Eat Street cousin to Joe Wagner and Sam Bonin’s Northeast Social, was widely covered in local media and quickly gained acclaim, especially for its cocktails. You can thank Nick Kosevich and and Ira Koplowitz, founders of Bittercube Bitters, for that. That’s probably why they decided to expand and opened the Torpedo Room a little over a year after the main restaurant.


The basics of the venue have already been mentioned. This place is part of Eat Street, on the corner of 24th and Nicollet. The main restaurant has a nice patio on one side and an open doorway leads to the Torpedo Room on the other side. The main restaurant features a large 3-sided bar, exposed brick, and high, dark-painted, embossed tin ceilings. The Torpedo Room tiki lounge is complete with a much smaller bar that has a grass-roofed hut overhang as a nod to its theme and can be rented for private events.


I’ve been here a number of times for various reasons. The first time was a late night stop for drinks and a light snack where I first had their delicious steak tartare (remoulade, olive oil, crostini, egg yolk).  The Torpedo Room is where my brother had his groom’s dinner, which was excellent for both food and drinks. This post is in regards to a trip in the summer of 2014 for more regular dinner. Below is what we had. I wasn’t able to find the official description of the salad, but I did my best from memory.

  • Duck Salad – Duck rillete and little gem lettuce with a chili and citrus vinaigrette and Minnesota chips
  • Eat Street Burger – half pound beef burger, smoked gouda, onion marmalade, preserved tomato, and fries. 
  • Soft-shell Crab Po’Boy – Asian slaw, jalapeno cream cheese, brioche, french fries

The duck rillette was very tasty, and I really appreciated the solid kick of spice the dressing had. I didn’t taste the po’boy, but my dining companion said she enjoyed it. The burgers were notable though. On the advice of another dining companion, I ordered mine medium, when I typically order medium rare and am disappointment that the burger is overdone. He ordered medium rare, and the picture shown is how his turned out, which was basically barely browned on the outside. Essentially, it was the tuna tataki of the burger family, which featured the quality of their meat and kept this burger exceptionally juicy in lovely combination with the complementing umaminess in the onion marmalade and preserved tomatoes.

IMG_0827IMG_0829IMG_0828 IMG_0830Price

Entrees typically go for $20-30, but I think brunch or happy hour, especially the late night variety, is the way to go here. Grab a burger or appetizers for $15 and under, and it will be well worth it.


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