The Butcher and the Boar 11/27/2013

Butcher and the Boar burst onto the scenes in Spring of 2012 and was named Restaurant of the Year by local press in December. Chef Jack Riebel, formerly of La Belle Vie and Dakota Jazz Club, did quite well before leaving the restaurant in early 2014, originally for the collaboration with Joe Kaplan (Joe’s Garage) and ending up with The Lexington. Focused on foods made from its namesake, Butcher and the Boar is not a place for vegetarians.


The interior is cozy and dark with spaces that almost feel like a cross between supper club and industrial tech room. There’s also a beer garden that is tented in the cooler weather. On my visit, they were hosting a beer bash with live music there. I, of course, took advantage of the special beer selection while I waited for my dining companion to arrive.


We opted to split the Charcuterie Plate and Sausage Sampler to get a broad tasting of the fare.

  • Charcuterie Plate – A sampling of each of our house cured meats from the charcuterie menu served with mustard & pickles
    • Turkey Braunschweiger – Vidalia​ onion jam, milk stout toast
    • Texas Wild Boar Ham – B&B pickles, country butter
    • Oxtail Terrine – Beef cheek terrine, sesame mustard, snap pea salad
    • Wild Boar Head Cheese – Bahn mi, pickled diakon
  • Sausage Sampler – Our house made sausage includes wild boar hot link, Texas beef link and pork & cheddar with garnishes
    • Wild Boar Hot Link – Vegetable stukel, zatarain mustard
    • Texas Beef Link – Four chile sauce, tortilla slaw
    • Berkshire Pork & Cheddar – Broccoli, rye & hard cider sauce

So I am relatively adventurous with food, but some textures are tough for me. As much as I enjoyed the food overall, the head cheese and oxtail weren’t to my taste. It was definitely the fanciest braunschweiger I’ve had and took me back to my childhood, watching my dad make one of his favorite sandwiches. The sausages were quite hearty, though I’m not used to eating these kind of sausages without a bun. I could have used a little starch to round out this meal, so I’d recommend a side or two. Though I might feel a bit guilty using it, I did wish there was more of a variety of mustards or at least some ketchup and bbq to go with besides the sauces that were served. I think next time I go, I might read up more and try one of the main dishes.

IMG_2257 IMG_2260Price

The dishes here are not cheap – in the $20-40 range, though many are meant to share. There are cheaper options, but I wouldn’t expect to be able to get a full meal for under $25 before drinks, tax, and tip. I would say that I didn’t really experience the restaurant’s range, and I wasn’t as impressed as a lot of what I had heard, but it was a solid meal, and I would definitely go back to give it another try.


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