Muddy Waters 5/24/2013

A quick post for a long-standing local stand-by. Muddy Waters was originally a coffee shop located in the LynLake neighborhood. A few years ago in 2011 it was reinvented and turned into a more complete watering hole, adding a liquor license and full food menu, widely covered by local media.


The interior is mostly dark with a rustic wooden decor. The restaurant has a relatively small store front but seems to go back fairly deep. The large windows open up to the street on nice days, and there’s a dog-friendly patio down the alleyway next to the building.


The first visit here was just a short visit on an early departure from work on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend while I waited for others to meet for happy hour.  I really enjoyed the Korean BBQ mock duck tacos and a saison to kick off the holiday. They were very flavorful, and just the right amount of food to tide me over. On a return visit, I have also had their hummus, which was prominently featured in the press. It had a nice spice to it and was served with ample carrots, radishes, and bread.

  • Korean BBQ Mock Duck Tacos – pickled cucumber salad, radish, cilantro
  • Black Bean Hummus – queso fresco, cumin, grilled bread

05 2013-05-24 Muddy Waters


Each of the items I’ve had were under $10. Happy hour can serve up some great deals, too. There are some larger entrees that are a bit more expensive, but generally everything seemed very reasonable priced, and a meal can easily be had for $10 or under.


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