Haute Dish 6/22/2013

If you want a uniquely Minnesotan experience, then you’ll want to learn what hot dish is. While I grew up with Tater Tot Casserole, anyone in Minnesota will look at you strangely if you call it that. If you are scared of eating food created by people who eat lye and pickled fish or think that black pepper is too spicy, Haute Dish is for you (pronounced like its namesake, hot dish). Chef Landon Schoenefield takes typical Midwestern cuisine from classic to classed up. Highly anticipated and well-received by locals when it finally opened May 42010, anyone can enjoy what this place serves up, even if you didn’t grow up with the amalgamation of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, canned green beans, onions, ground beef, and of course Ore-Ida tater tots as near and dear to your heart.  This place was on my list for a long time, but once I finally find a willing dining companion, I think we both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The fact that this establishment continues to be well-represented in local media and the special niche it holds on the Minneapolis foodie scene mean that this will likely be a local main stay for a long time.


On the southern end of North Loop, right by 112 Eatery and Saffron and a couple blocks from Bachelor Farmer, you’ll still be in the heart of downtown Minneapolis (you can comfortably walk to Nicollet Mall). Just watch out if you decide to make this a family affair. Sex World is right next door with its giant lit signs. But fear not, once inside, the warm, comfortable, yet classy wooden décor will put you at ease.


Instead of opting for the preset tasting menu, we decided to create our own experience, assisted by our server for the wine pairings.

  • Cool Ranch Gnocchi – lettuce broth, cherry tomato, parmesan, dill
  • Mac n’ Cheese – taleggio, king crab, celery, truffle oil
  • Tater Tot Hautedish – porcini, short rib, green beans, “tots”
  • Sparkling Cava (paired with the gnocchi)
  • Viognier (paired with the mac’n’cheese)
  • Malbec (paired with the hot dish)

I’m not normally a gnocchi fan, but I really enjoyed this dish. Maybe it was because the serving size wasn’t too big, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed by starch. The mac’n’cheese was delicious, too – the truffle and seafood both stood out. And of course the signature dish was awesome, though only slightly reminiscent of the typical form. Hard to compare Ore Ida and Campbell’s to the giant house made potato croquettes and porcini béchamel.

IMG_0935 IMG_0937 IMG_0940


Splitting the tab, my share was ~$55 including tax and tip. Considering the wine with the food, I’d say Haute Dish is definitely manageable.


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