Sanctuary 5/25/2013

A short post on a place a friend took me for a girl’s night out. I had never heard of Sanctuary, but apparently it’s been around for awhile and has received positive reviews for its M-Th tasting menu value as well as Executive Chef Patrick Atanalian’s creativity.


Located on Washington Avenue close to where the old Metrodome used to be, this place is a bit off the main drag, but parking wasn’t too bad, and there was actually a small lot available for the restaurant itself. And the restaurant was in fact very small. Only a couple handfuls of tables fit snugly into this little venue. It was nicely decorated with Asian flair, giving it a feel true to its name.


I tried the bloody sidecar cocktail to start and my dining companion and I shared the smoked turkey ceviche, which were both quite delicious. For the main course, I had the young hen with couscous and sausage, and my dining companion chose the halibut. I can’t say anything stood out terribly to me, but I also can’t say that we really experienced the range of the menu, chicken is rarely notable to me, and I would agree that this place seems to be underrated. What we had was very nice and certainly expressed more artistic talent than I was expecting for a restaurant that seems all but forgotten amongst the big names of Minneapolis haute cuisine.

IMG_0771 IMG_0772


The $35 5-course tasting menu offered M-Th only is definitely the best deal, since their typical entrees run $25-30, so I would recommend taking advantage of that if you would like to try this place.


One thought on “Sanctuary 5/25/2013

  1. I actually LOVE sanctuary. They served me the best cooked scallops I’ve had anywhere (including my own) and that is saying something. 🙂 Definitely an underrated little place.

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