Pig Ate My Pizza 6/20/2013, 3/7/2014

One of two abbreviated posts today on pizza restaurants in Minneapolis.  Pig Ate My Pizza opened up in the former Travail spot while they shut down for the move down the street.  I went here for the first time with coworkers for lunch and the second time after checking out the new Travail location and splitting a tasting menu meant for two people, 3-ways (a subject of a future post).  It wasn’t quite enough to fill us up, so one of my friends walked down the street with me to get a pizza to top off the night.  Below is a summary of what I have tasted.

  • Piggy Pie – bacon, charcuterie, prosciutto, pepperoni
  • Margherita – no description, but self-explanatory
  • Sour Cream & Onion – ramp sausage, potato salad, Sriracha
  • Cheese and Crackers (not pictured) – Came with house-made cheese-foam sprayed directly from the can onto the pizza at our table
  • Project X.O. – shrimp chorizo, X.O. Brussels, crispy ramen

Some people go crazy for Margherita pizzas, but they’ve never really stood out to me.  I think the only one I truly have been wowed by was at L’antica Pizzeria da Michele in Naples, but that might have been the combination of the best ingredients (Mediterranean tomatoes, the freshest mozzarella di bufala you can get, and olive oil like you can’t get in the typical grocery stores in The States) along with the experience of eating pizza in its birthplace.

The Sour Cream & Onion and Project X.O. were good with a nice Travailian flair, but I think my favorites were the Piggy Pie for the sheer meatiness of it and the Cheese and Crackers for the novelty of enjoying the fun of cheese in the can without the scariness of a supposed food that technically doesn’t have an expiration date.  They sprayed it right onto the pizza at the table from the whipping siphon.

One note is that the lunch menu is a pared down version of the dinner menu, so if you want to have more options, be sure to go during dinner.  Each pizza is around $15.  They’re on the smaller side, so 2 pizzas among 3 people is probably ok unless you have a big appetite.  As always, the Travail crew has made creative cuisine accessible to all.  Cheers!

2013-06-20 Pig Ate My Pizza 2014-03-07 Pig Ate My Pizza


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