Icehouse 4/25/2014

Icehouse opened June 7, 2012 and is headed up by Executive Chef Matt Bickford and Brian Lieback with drink menu courtesy of Johnny Michaels.  Bickford and Michaels previously worked together at La Belle Vie, and Bickford is also responsible for Be’Wiched Deli in North Loop.  I’ve never had a full meal here – I originally stopped in for a happy hour drink with a friend 12/16/2013 and returned on the date of this post for a late evening mini dinner with a different friend, but I think it’s worthy of a quick post.


Located on Eat Street, the decor is indeed reminiscent of an icehouse with wood boards lining the entrance walls.  The interior has been kept true to the industrial roots with exposed conduit and I-beams.  There’s a stage for live music on the main floor, and a balcony encircles this on an upper level.  There is also a patio for outside seating.  Don’t let the appearance deceive you, though.  There is some solid culinary and cocktail crafting going on here, and it’s become a popular spot in the short time its been around.

Food & Drink:

Pictured below is the Blushing Belle cocktail (pomegranate hibiscus gin-tini with vanilla cream foam), a mainstay on the menu.  They also have a great option they call Rocks, or sipping shots.  These are $5 small, primarily whiskey based, strong cocktails more along the lines of an old fashioned.  I had Satan Laughs & Spreads His Wings (bourbon, hazelnut orange liqueur, spicy bitters on Chick Tract coaster), which was delicious.


The menu has since turned over, so I don’t have the details, but we shared the lobster bisque, my dining companion got the chili and corn bread, and I had the Swedish meatballs.  There were very large pieces of lobster in the bisque, which was nice.  You can also see that the Swedish meatballs and chili were a little on the classier side of what you might be accustomed to.  It appears the latest menu as of this post is now more Asian focused.
IMG_3694 IMG_3692 IMG_3691Price:

With the sipping shots at only $5, this is a great option to be able to enjoy a sampling instead of committing to one or two drinks.  The food prices weren’t too bad at about $10-15 for a small plate and $20-25 for an entree. Also, watch out if arriving for a late night bite, since there is sometimes a cover for the live music.


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