Matt’s Bar 4/18/2014

The Jucy Lucy is a Minneapolis icon, and it’s Matt’s Bar that usually (in my biased opinion) wins the battle (or Food War) with 5-8 Club on where it all started.  This iconic burger has received national press, not only in Time Magazine as one of the 17 most influential burgers, but also when President Obama recently stopped into the dive of Matt’s Bar to taste one for himself.  It is near and dear to the hearts of true Minneapolitans, and this is even captured by one of Michael Birawer‘s paintings.


As mentioned, this place is definitely dive.  It’s a relatively small location, and if you don’t show up off peak hours, there will be a crowd with a line out the door.  The servers typically don’t seat you until your entire party has arrived, so keep that in mind.  However, at least one of the waitresses will allow you to be seated if you can place the entire order for your late-arriving friends, since the bottleneck tends to be the grill.  Expect that there will be a wait, and expect that there will only be one person serving the entire floor and that they mean business.  This isn’t a Michelin star restaurant, but it’s a place that shouldn’t be overlooked in Minneapolis.  I will say that this neighborhood can get a little rough, so be smart about safety.


Food & Drink:

They may have a couple other options on the menu, but if you go to Matt’s Bar, you go for the Jucy Lucy.  That means your options come down to whether you want onions or not.  In case you aren’t familiar, a Jucy Lucy is a burger patty stuffed with cheese.  There are many variations, especially around the Twin Cities (including the also notable Blucys at Blue Door Pub and a variety of stuffed burgers at The Nook).  As in the Food Wars video, remember that the signature of the Jucy Lucy is referred to as molten cheese for a reason, so be careful not to singe your taste buds so you can get the full effect.

IMG_3650 IMG_3652Price:

Each Jucy Lucy is currently listed at $6.50, which makes me happy I never lived within walking distance.



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