Quang Restaurant 1/6/2014

Another quick post for Vietnamese in Minneapolis.  As mentioned previously, Minneapolis is home to a strong population of Hmong (and Somali), and the restaurants show it, which I enjoy very much!  While Andrew Zimmern may favor Pho 79, my favorites are Jasmine Deli for pho and Quang’s for bun (vermicelli salads), both also located on Eat Street.

A friend of mine introduced me to Quang Restaurant a few years ago and recommended the vermicelli salad.  Even though I was skeptical about salads as a meal, this salad blew me away, and I have since made it at home for myself many times.  While on this occasion I tried their pho since that fit better for the cold winter day, their bun has a special place in my heart.

2014-01-06 Quangs


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