Coup d’Etat 5/2/2014

After revisiting Borough/Parlour a second time in April, I thought I should try the new restaurant in Uptown by the same crew of Jester Concepts, Coup d’Etat  This restaurant was also coincidentally listed in the Eater heatmap for May after only opening up in January, likely due to drawing a crowd from loyal Borough/North Loop diners.


Coup d’Etat has a more casual dining environment than Borough, with chalk board menus and artwork, and a large bar in the center of the open 2-story restaurant.  The upper level is a balcony that encircles and overlooks the lower level bar and kitchen.  While more casual, it still feels classy enough for a date.  It also has been highly rated for its 2 levels of patio seating.

IMG_3704 IMG_3706


Given the management, my expectations were high going in.  I went with 2 dining companions who both brought big appetites, so we were able to order a good sampling of the menu:

  • Every Rosé Has Its Thorn – An aperitivo cocktail that is slightly effervescent with hints of citrus and cherry and subtle floral notes. Served in a stemmed champagne glass
  • Oysters – grilled, pernod butter
  • Octopus – baguette, harissa, greek yogurt
  • Chicken – morels, spring vegetables, egg
  • Halibut – fingerling potatoes, artichokes, lardons
  • Lamb Pizza – tapenade, feta, mint
  • Papardelle – sadly this has rotated off the menu since my visit, and I don’t recall the specifics

I got there just as happy hour was ending, but I was able to get my cocktail ordered in time to take advantage of the limited but lower price menu.  Definitely solid – not too sweet and pleasantly balanced.  The oysters and octopus were cooked well – tender and not overdone.  The server recommended the chicken, and while I wasn’t all that excited by the menu description (except the morels) or by chicken in general, it was second only to a small morsel of chicken from a tasting menu I had at La Belle Vie.  The halibut was also highly recommended by the server, but fell a little flat on my palate.  However, the lamb pizza was a new menu item, and I really enjoyed this one, but I’m also a sucker for lamb.  Finally, the papardelle was an after-thought, since we weren’t sure how big the portions were or how hungry we were.  We ordered it at the end, looking for a bit of starch to fill our the meal.  Nothing of note for me, but solid nonetheless.

While not quite as edgy as Borough’s food menu, Coup d’Etat offers a slightly larger selection and some much-needed innovation and gastronome-worthy fare to Uptown’s scene.

IMG_3707 IMG_3708 IMG_3709 IMG_3710 IMG_3711 IMG_3712 IMG_3713


At close to $190 for the three of us to enjoy cocktails and 6 dishes, it wasn’t cheap, but people on a budget with more moderate appetites and willing to forego some of the premium cocktails could definitely dine for much less.  I was very pleased with the meal and would definitely go back for a foodie evening in Uptown.


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