The Henry 2/23/2014

Just a quick post on a place I visited while I was in Phoenix on business recently.  I found The Henry after checking out a recent Eater post of their Phoenix Heatmap.


We didn’t have a reservation, but the staff was able to find room on the patio for the two of us.  The place was dimly lit mostly with candlelight, and the patio had heat lamps.  Definitely date-worthy environment, if a little loud for conversation.


My dining companion and I shared the following selections from their menu, with a little guidance from our waitress.

  • Smoked Norwegian Salmon – potato hash brown, crème fraîche & arugula
  • Swedish Meatballs – this item has since been removed from the menu
  • Brie Toast – roasted pear, pomegranate & hazelnut 
  • Braised Short Rib – bourbon caramel, roasted mushrooms, fourme d’ambert & smashed potatoes 
  • Thai Peanut Black Cod – shiitake, chinese broccoli, red chili & ginger cardamom broth

I generally prefer my smoked salmon to be more thinly sliced, and I didn’t really understand the potato hash brown accompaniment.  The Swedish meatballs weren’t anything too exciting to me, which might be saying something considering my affinity to meatballs in general.  The brie toast was solid, and the braised short rib probably could have been eaten without a knife because of how nicely it fell apart.  The Thai Peanut Black Cod sounded very exciting, but ended up being relatively bland in my opinion.

IMG_3115 IMG_3116 IMG_3117 IMG_3118 IMG_3119


While the entrees aren’t cheap at around $25ea, we probably could have ordered much less – maybe shared 4-5 appetizers or gone with a more casual entree each and split an appetizer or two.  Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and a nice taste of Phoenix, but didn’t really stand out in my mind.


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