Manny’s 4/11/2014

There are a few major steakhouses in the Twin Cities.  I used to think of them as the 3Ms (Morton’s, Manny’s, and Murray’s).  The Minneapolis Morton’s (a chain) closed, but Ruth’s Chris (another chain) has joined the scene.  Burch Steak and Pizza Bar is another relatively recent addition to the local crew.  Generally, I don’t seek out steakhouses because I’m of the opinion that a great steak doesn’t require that much skill to cook and is more about getting the right cut of meat.  And while I’ve been to Burch, my experience there was more focused on their non-steak fare.  However, I decided to venture a trip to Manny’s to see if the extra expense is worth it (although Murray’s is my dad’s favorite, and I have yet to go there, too).


The venue seemed to give a classic steakhouse impression – sort of a cross between a speakeasy and supper club.



I started out with the Of Love and Lust while my dining companion opted for the Figgy Old Fashioned.

  • Of Love and Lust – maestro dobel tequila, blackberry puree, ginger beer, and lime
  • Figgy Old Fashioned – label 5 whiskey, fig, molasses, maple, and bitters


This was followed by our server rolling out a cart with the latest from the butcher, which was quite the impressive display.


After running through our options, the server left us with our thoughts.  The following is a summary of what we decided on:

  • Maine Lobster Cakes
  • Bone In Tenderloin (dry-aged)
  • Bludgeon of Beef (bone in dry-aged ribeye)
  • Hash Browns with Onions (small order)
  • Manny’s Brownie With Strawberries

We really didn’t hold back, from the Bludgeon of Beef (to which my dining companion commented, “They have good ribs here”) to the dessert, it was all a bit over the top but fit the mood we were in.

Everything was executed very well.  We both ordered our steaks medium rare, and you can see how mine turned out.  The searing on the outside was perfect – just a bit of singe that tasted almost like the steak was wrapped in bacon.  The “small” hash browns were as ridiculous as the Bludgeon of Beef – a full plate sized loaded potato pie.  And the dessert came with a boat each of caramel and fudge.

IMG_3590IMG_3594IMG_3598IMG_3592IMG_3597 IMG_3599


Ok, so this was all very pricey (our meat alone was about $165 before tax and tip), but I think that’s to be expected at a place like this, and we really wanted to explore Manny’s range.  You could easily go with much less – maybe a baseball steak and shared sides to keep things under $100 per person.  Was the experience worth the cost?  To me I think a trip here once was enough, though I do want to figure out how to get that awesome bacon flavor into the crisp sear (maybe it was just the dry aging).  This was definitely a tribute to gluttony.  Cheers to my dining companion for joining me on this journey!


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