World Street Kitchen 4/26/2014

While I have never had the pleasure of working downtown, I have a number of friends who do.  My biggest disappointment with this is that the food truck scene in Minneapolis exploded in the last 5 years, and I have been unable to take advantage of this fact.  However, I did make it downtown one afternoon I had off to meet a couple friends for lunch.  They guided me through many of the food trucks that have diluted the creative culture of the movement’s origins and walked me straight to World Street Kitchen where I was told they consistently put out great food for a reasonable price and was not disappointed.  Recently, they expanded their operation to include an actual restaurant in LynLake, the subject of this post.


The decor is a bit reminiscent of Chipotle, with a little more character and tables that aren’t bolted to the floor.



My dining companion and I both had Put the Lime in the Coconut, which is advertised as “not your average piña colada” and recommended by the guy who took our order.



When I visited the food truck, I had the Korean “BBQ” Beef Short Ribs Bankok Burrito, which was delicious.  This time I opted for the Yum Yum Rice Bowl version, my dining companion got the burrito, and we split an appetizer.

  • Bankok Burrito – flour tortilla stuffed with fried rice, “secret sauce”, cilantro, and basil; so good, it’s on urban dictionary
  • Yum Yum Rice Bowl – our signature dish, steamed rice with soft cooked egg, peanuts, crunchies, and “secret sauce”
  • Aloo Tikka Chaat – spiced potato/lentil patty with two chutneys and lime yogurt

I was scolded by the staff when I started picking out a couple pieces of meat from my bowl before mixing it up like a proper bibimbap, so I obliged after getting in a couple bites of nicely marinated meat.  As flavorful as the Aloo Tikka Chaat was, I probably would have been fine with the bowl alone, which was a wonderful example of Confucion (my term for confused Asian food).  I think both times I’ve eaten WSK’s entrees, I’ve been sad when I finished eating – a very good sign.


Pricing is very reasonable with all the entrees around $10, and for the deliciousness, it’s definitely a great deal!


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