112 Eatery 4/19/2014

This place was recommended by a coworker to me about 5 years ago.  It took me about a year to make my way here the first time, but it quickly won me over as one of my favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities. The 112 Eatery crew consistently puts out greatness with their solid menu and also happens to run two other wonderful establishments – Bar la Grassa and Burch Steak and Pizza Bar.



112 Eatery sits on the south end of North Loop (N 1st Ave and 3rd St.).  You’ll know you’re in the right place by a red awning with 112 in big print.  Inside is a quaint and small space where there will routinely be a line waiting for opening, though they do offer limited reservations.  There are two floors, both with a small bar and table seating.  As you can see, space is limited, so for big groups make sure you get a reservation early to ensure availability.


The menu is relatively small but is set up so you can either enjoy a few courses on your own or opt to share many dishes in a group.  My preference is the latter, since there are so many good things this place offers.  On this trip we opted for the following:

  • fresh ricotta w/ white truffle honey
  • sweet & sour crab salad
  • tagliatelle w/ foie gras meatballs (full)
  • 112 cheeseburger
  • stringozzi w/ lamb sugo (half)
  • nancy silverton’s butterscotch budino
  • izzy’s raspberry sorbet

The ricotta was well balanced with the sweetness of the honey and very present umami truffle.  The salad was one of our server’s favorites on the menu and was described accurately as a deconstructed spring roll.  It was a bit cool and rainy on the day we went, but I think it would be very refreshing on a hot summer day.  The next three items I’ve routinely returned to at 112.  The foie gras meatballs are melt in your mouth deliciousness.  The cheeseburger is served on an English muffin and slathered in melted brie – can’t go wrong there.  The lamb sugo is extremely flavorful, too.  For desserts, the budino is definitely a favorite.  The raspberry sorbet was actually a bit of a surprise.  I’m usually not big into desserts, but I can usually go for some sorbet.  This was something I thought was nothing of note until half-way through I tried the biscuits that were served on the side and discovered the savory blend of herbs with a noticeable hint of spice complemented the sorbet so well that I had to take a picture (apologies for the half-eaten state).

On other visits I’ve also had the following and thoroughly enjoyed all of them:

  • foie gras/lardon salad
  • sea scallops w/ oyster mushrooms
  • cauliflower fritters
  • nori encrusted sirloin w/ ponzu


IMG_3679 IMG_3681 IMG_3682 IMG_3683 IMG_3684 IMG_3685Price:

For those on a budget, this place definitely doesn’t have to break the bank.  You can get the burger for $10 and maybe split another dish to have enough to eat as long as you’re not a big eater.  However, I think it’s definitely worth the money to partake in more.  Our meal was $160 including everything you saw, plus 2 glasses of sparkling rosé, and 2 glasses of wine during our meal, which added a decent amount to the bill, and we had food to take home with us.  Cheers to 112 Eatery for another lovely experience!


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