Bulldog NE 3/1/2014

While, as its name implies, it is technically a NE locale, it actually sits on a corner right on Hennepin Ave, pretty close to St. Anthony Main.  This whole area has become quite a hot spot for good eats.  This place is no exception.  The burgers at Bulldog NE are probably my favorite gourmet burgers in town.  For a city known as the birthplace of the Juicy Lucy (thanks Matt’s Bar – that’s right, I’m in their camp, and I refuse to give credit to 5-8 Club), I think that’s saying something.


Keeping with the industrial feel of a converted warehouse, this place is characterized by high ceilings, exposed conduit, and brick.  It’s a bit loud, but a very friendly environment.  I’d say it’s a step up from your typical burger and beer joint.



I’ve had many of the burgers on this menu, but this time opted for the Stuffed Pretzel Burger with togarashi fries and a side of wasabi mayo.  My favorite type of bun for a burger is a pretzel bun, so I had to try this one.  The white cheddar stuffing was an awesome touch, too.  Below is a list of the burgers I’ve had that are currently on their menu (their list changes occasionally).

  • Togarashi – Togarashi spice, japanese coleslaw and wasabi mayo.
  • Chimay – Chimay beer cheese, Chimay beer mayo, red onion, romaine on a Brioche bun.
  • Stuffed Pretzel – Bacon and Wagyu blend with lettuce, tomato and roasted garlic aioli on a white cheddar-stuffed pretzel bun.
  • Junk – Bacon, sauteed mushroom, lettuce, onion, tomato, roasted garlic aioli with choice of cheese.
  • Tillamook – Smokey cheddar and Fischer Farm’s bacon.
  • LaFrieda – 8 oz blend of short rib and 100% Black Angus beef directly from Pat LaFrieda’s butcher shop, 4 year-aged cheddar, panko-crusted red onion rings and sesame seed bun. We recommend rare to med-rare.

Their beer list is excellent, as well.  There are some craft brews as well as a healthy list of Belgian imports on tap.  I chose the Blanche de Bruxelles, which was a lovely Belgian Wit.

IMG_3126 IMG_3134 IMG_3135


At $12 for most of their burgers, the price is definitely worth it.  However, I’d strongly recommend upgrading for a few dollars to their seasoned fries with sauces.  If you’re on a budget, you can get a hot dog for $6.


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