Al’s Breakfast 1/4/2014

There’s a tiny hole in the wall dive with 14 stools at a counter in Dinkytown that consistently has a long line of mostly college age kids overflowing into the outdoors.  While I went to college there, I actually never made it in line myself (this is probably because I was neither a morning person nor breakfast person).  Actually, in my 4 years of college, with plenty of time spent in Dinkytown around 14th Ave., I didn’t remember ever having even seen the place.  However, after living in this city for almost 27 years, I feel like I shouldn’t call myself a serious Minneapolis gastronome without visiting Al’s Breakfast at least once.  So, I bring to you my first current post for this Minneapolis fixture.



As mentioned, this place is tiny.  As seen above and in the GoogleMaps images, “hole in the wall” definitely fits.  Throw your jacket on the hook behind you and belly up to the breakfast bar to experience some fantastic diner fare.  Probably not a place for a first date, but definitely a place to go with someone worth keeping, in my humble opinion.


The coffee is good – plus the level never fell under an inch from full – and the food is classic dive diner.  I opted for the omelette, which was delicious, if a little overdone, but I hear they make some delicious pancakes and waffles, too.  I also went for the side of corned beef hash.  That plus some strawberry jelly scooped out of a shared tin onto my toast made for a winning combination.



Don’t forget cash, since this place doesn’t accept anything else (there are a couple ATMs within a block if needed).  Prices are very reasonable.  Breakfast for 2 people, including my extra side of corned beef hash, coffee, tax, and tip came to about $27.  I believe the omelette itself was under $8.


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