Pizzeria Lola 4/14/2013

This is a nod to my roots.  A pizzeria in Minneapolis with a Korean influence – kimchi on the Lady Zaza and a Korean BBQ pizza alongside other creative combinations such as The Sunnyside and standbys such as the aptly named Old Reliable.  Also a distant connection added to my desire to explore, as the restaurant is run by a relative of a fellow alumna from my old speech and debate program.  And gotta love that the place is named after her dog!  Pizzeria Lola is definitely on the list of great Minneapolis pizza destinations.



On this table is the My Sha-Roni! and the Lady Zaza with a Surly Furious and War&Peace.  At a later date, I returned and had the Hawaii Pie-O, Korean BBQ, and The Sunnyside, which was featured in a Diners, Drive-ins & Dives.

  • My Sha-Roni!: house red sauce, mozzarella, natural-casing pepperoni & house-made fennel sausage
  • Lady ZaZa: house-made kimchi and Korean sausage, serrano peppers, scallions, sesame & soy chili glaze
  • Hawaii Pie-O: house-cured bacon, fresh pineapple, mozzarella, provolone & serrano peppers
  • Korean BBQ: Grass Run Farm beef short ribs, mozzarella, scallions, arugula, sesame & soy-chili vinaigrette
  • The Sunnyside: La Quercia guanciale, pecorino, cream, leeks & two organic eggs sunnyside up

My friend was especially excited by War&Peace on their beer list.  And Surly Furious is of course a Minneapolis standby for beer.  Great beer and great pizza are a recipe for deliciousness.


If you go for an appetizer and pizza, you could probably feed 2 people for under $30.  When I went with one other person, we started with meatballs and then had 2 pizzas, and each left with half a pizza.  But I’m always one who wants to try many things.  I’d suggest going with maybe 4 people and ordering 3 pizzas.  There will likely still be food left over, and with pizzas in the $10-$15 range, it won’t totally empty the pocket books either.


Quaint place located in SW Minneapolis.  On the inside, you can eat with the beautiful copper covered wood fired french pizza oven in the background, and there’s a nice patio outside for when the weather is being friendly.


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