Burch Steakhouse and Pizza Bar 11/15/2013

This restaurant easily went on The List when it opened relatively recently. Burch is from the same people who are responsible for 112 Eatery, a Minneapolis favorite of mine and many others. Their other restaurant, Bar la Grassa, is also excellent. Obviously, they are quite good at what they do, and that’s probably why the newcomer made it to the local paper’s Restaurant of the Year for 2013.


The cocktail list here is a nice nod to the craft cocktail and prohibition revival, but that’s about all I’ll say for that.  The real treat was the food.  The menu might seem intimidating at first glance, but what I appreciated about it was that you can experience it in many ways.  Either go for straight up pizza or steak, and you won’t be disappointed.  On the pizza side, they have a very respectable list of wood fired oven fare – from basic margherita to ones with more exotic toppings such as spicy raw ahi tuna or marinated octopus.  On the other side, you choose how serious you are about your steak by type of beef, cut, size, and level of quality – corresponding to prices from the teens for a petite 100% grass fed hangar steak to well over $100 for the 8oz certified Japanese A5 Wagyu New York block.  Two of my friends opted for small steaks, which they enjoyed.  Otherwise, you can do what I did, and enjoy a spread of plates to share.  On our table:

  • Cheese dumplings with lamb stroganoff
  • Uszka, aspic, consommé, star anise
  • Veal & pork kinkhali, butter, chili thread
  • Lamb meatballs with carrot slaw
  • Wood roasted bone marrow, gremolata
  • Wood roasted mussels, BLG italian sausage
  • Coppa Cotta pizza (wood roasted red peppers, smoked pork shoulder, mozzarella, hazelnut)

Our server told us, “You did it the right way.”  I agree.  Everything was fantastic.  I think my favorites were the uszka and kinkhali, and no one can go wrong with lamb or meatballs.



After splitting the bill with one of my friends, the price was surprisingly low for all the food that was ordered.  With tip, it was right around $40.  I should note, that I eat a LOT, and I definitely ate the majority of the shared dishes and took half the pizza home with me, so I put extra into my share of the bill.  I think we could have easily split it between 3 people with plenty to eat for under $25/person.


Upstairs there’s a large full bar and classy atmosphere for what was originally steakhouse only, though they now serve both menus in the entire restaurant.  Downstairs is a little more intimate and casual with the wood-fired oven in the background.  Both great options, but up to the patron’s preference.



Update 1/15/2014:  Returned for dinner and had the lamb meatballs again as well as:

  • Scallop, Foie Boudin Blanc, Carrot Puree
  • Taschentuch, Crab, Carrot, Lime, Basil – New Menu Item!

Also, their foie gras ice cream is amazing. Burch didn’t let me down on the return visit, and I left satisfied and full of deliciousness!




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