Introduction, Stella’s Fish Cafe 12/31/2012

For my first post, I bring to you the first picture of a meal I posted on Facebook from a Minneapolis restaurant.  Stella’s Fish Cafe is known to many  simply as Stella’s and is a well-known establishment in the Uptown area.  I think it’s especially appropriate that this was a New Year’s celebration, since I am starting this as a New Year’s exercise and adding my first post around New Year’s.  I’m not posting this on New Year’s itself because I feel cliche enough as is.

2012-03-18 Upload 013


This was my first real taste of a full lobster in memory.  It was pretty delicious.  In general, my opinion of lobster is that it is over-hyped and therefore over-priced.  And actually, what I enjoyed most about this meal is that it came with a variety of seafood in an amazing broth that we soaked up with extra bread.  It also came partially disassembled, so it was less work but still with the visual appeal.  My picture doesn’t really do it justice, but then this was before food porn was really a thing and the point was just to remember what I had experienced.  A drawback for this meal is that this is not a normal menu item, but  special event they did.  I’m not sure if or how often they repeat it.


If memory serves me correctly, I believe we chose this special event because it was on Groupon.  I’ve eaten at Stella’s a few times.  The food is decent, but probably slightly over-priced.  The Groupon deal made this completely worth it.  The happy hour specials used to be pretty amazing, too, and more often than not, my trips here have been for happy hours in the years shortly after graduating college.


I don’t go anymore mostly because there are so many exciting restaurants opening up in Minneapolis, and later in the evening, the crowd changes to a college bar scene.  The happy hours I’ve been to here have also been pretty packed.  The interior decoration of this place has a basic nautical theme with 2 floors inside connected by a precarious set of stairs (more precarious when you’ve had a lot to drink upstairs late at night), and a pretty awesome rooftop – one of the great features of many Minneapolis establishments (that and patios).  Overall, decent atmosphere and a well-established restaurant in the always busy Uptown area of the city.


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